Make sure your diet is varied and includes adequate amounts of fruit, vegetables, whole grain cereals, dairy and meat or meat substitutes.

During pregnancy and breastfeeding both mum and baby need good nutrition. A healthy, balanced diet is the first building block for this. Foods high in fat, salt and sugar, including processed foods and junk foods, should be avoided during your pregnancy. 
Instead you should have fresh healthy foods and lots of vegetables.

Organising a good diet takes extra time and planning but is definitely worth the effort. This is the period of most rapid growth and development in your child’s life and your good nutrition gets her/him off to a great start.   

Women who have a good diet will probably get all the nutritional goodness they and their baby need.

Even so, some additional vitamins and minerals (supplements) are recommended just to be on the safe side.   

Important nutrients during pregnancy 


Note: food cravings are not a sign that you are lacking in some nutrient.