Program Overview

What are the benefits?

The changes will automate and streamline the VMO payment process and will provide significant benefits to VMOs, LHDs and the health system including:

  • Improved ability to monitor status of claims and track payments to VMOs
  • Improved access to VMO payment related reports
  • A single source of information for planning, monitoring expenditure and analysis
  • Optimisation of VMO resource allocation and utilisation across the NSW Health system through increased resource visibility
  • Reduction of the staff data entry burden, increasing availability for higher value activities
  • Streamlining of the business processes associated with recording, approving and making payment for VMO services – reducing payment ‘bottle necks’ and potentially resulting in faster payments.
  • The VMoney application provides VMOs with an improved user experience. Business rules incorporated into the system facilitate data validation for both VMOs and LHD staff. The application is interfaced with the Patient Administration System so that patient information can be easily verified.



Technical Support: for passwords, contact the State Wide Service Desk 1300 28 55 33

For assistance in using VMoney Web, VMoney support desk on 1300 88 39 62