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Translation Service

Translation Service

Service Outline

The Translation Service of WSLHD offers a full range of translation services and language consultancy in over 120 languages.

The availability of appropriate multilingual resources can assist health services and programs to engage and communicate successfully with culturally and linguistically diverse (CALD) communities, facilitating better health outcomes and minimising risk of miscommunication.

List of Services

  • Translation of all types of health and promotional materials
  • Translation of clinical information essential to patient's care to minimise risks of adverse advents. This includes: pre-operative and post-operative instructions. discharge summary, medical reports, treatment plans, Mental Health Review Tribunal's Treatment orders, etc.
  • Bilingual consultancy to provide advice for preparing materials for translation, and to assess appropriateness of information
  • Focus testing of multilingual resources to assess the linguistic and cultural appropriateness
  • Conduct research and advise on choosing the target audience, and the most appropriate format to communicate with specific CALD communities e.g. print or audio resources
  • Graphic Design of artwork for multilingual resources ready for print and web publication

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