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Social Work at Auburn Hospital

Qualified social workers are available to support patients during their hospital admission or treatment.

Social workers are a part of a multidisciplinary team which includes allied health, medical and nursing staff, and provide a holistic assessment of a patient’s needs and circumstances.

Social workers can help patients speak about their concerns and can help plan their discharge. They also provide counselling, education, information and advice to both inpatients and outpatients.

Social workers recognise that hospital treatment and illness can be a difficult time for patients, families and friends. Speaking with a social worker about these difficulties can assist in coping now and in the future.

When would I ask to see a social worker?

Some of the reasons people see hospital social workers are:

  • feelings of confusion and lack of control that arise from being in hospital or having treatment
  • feelings of fear, worry, sadness, anger and loss
  • personal and relationship difficulties
  • difficulty in talking with family and/or friends about feelings
  • uncertainty about the future changes that illness or age can bring
  • to discuss the effects of hospitalisation or illness on their families
  • concern about how they will manage when they go home
  • to obtain information about legal and financial support options
  • to discuss moving into a residential aged care facility
  • to discuss life changes such as withdrawal of treatment and end of life care
  • to explore carer issues and carer stress
  • to provide support during pregnancy and after birth

We organise automatic referrals in the following circumstances:

  • domestic violence
  • elder abuse
  • child at risk
  • need for assessment for entry into residential aged care
  • sudden unexpected death
  • poor prognosis/end of life discussions/withdrawal of treatment
  • maternal loss

English isn't my first language. How do I request an interpreter?

Interpreters are available for patients receiving treatment at Auburn Hospital.

A broad range of languages and dialects are accommodated by the Western Sydney Local Health District Interpreter Service.

Typically, an interpreter is booked for an initial appointment. Interpreters can then be booked for additional appointments if needed.

Any patient/family member/carer can request an interpreter but they cannot make the booking themselves. The treating health care provider will organise the booking.

If an interpreter is not immediately available on-site, the phone interpreter service can be contacted.

Auburn Hospital social workers utilise health care interpreters in accordance with PD2006-053 Interpreters – Standard Procedures for Working with Health Care Interpreters.

What hours are social workers available at Auburn Hospital?

Social workers are available Monday to Friday 8am to 4:30pm (excluding public holidays). Messages can be left outside of these hours on (02) 8890 6699.

Please note there is no after-hours Social Work service available at Auburn Hospital.

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