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Policy and Procedure Documents

NSW Health policy directives and guidelines apply to all Western Sydney Local Health District and copies of these documents can be found on the NSW Health website NSW Health Policy directives and guidelines

Western Sydney Local Health District also has its own policies and procedures. A list of WSLHD policy, procedure and guideline documents is available here. The document list is updated quarterly. If you would like to obtain any of the documents listed, please phone 02 8860 2548 or email [email protected]


Disclosure Log

The disclosure log of formal access applications is a record containing details of WSLHD information already released under the Government Information (Public Access) Act 2009 (GIPA Act). A disclosure log is part of the open access information that agencies are required to make publicly available and is a requirement under Section 25 of the GIPA Act.

The disclosure log is intended to provide access to information for people who want the same or similar information as previous applicants, and would otherwise have to make formal access applications. Requests for personal information are not included in the disclosure log.  Some information that has been released under the GIPA Act may be provided in summary format only in the disclosure log.

Click here to access the disclosure log.

If we make a decision not to disclose information due to an overriding public interest, we will publish a record detailing the information not released on our website. This will include the reasons for the decision not to release the information.


Government Contracts Register

The GIPA Act requires agencies (including local councils) to record and publish certain information about some contracts with private sector bodies. Part 3, Division 5 of the GIPA Act states that information about contracts worth more than $150,000 between agencies and private sector bodies must be recorded in a register of government contracts.

WSLHD contracts continue to be made publicly available on the Government Tenders website. You may click here to view the register.


Information Tabled in Parliament

No documents have been tabled in Parliament since the commencement of the GIPA Act, by or on behalf of WSLHD.

Should this occur, WSLHD will publish links to these documents on its website.


WSLHD GIPA Act Annual Reports

The WSLHD GIPA Annual Reports are below:

WSLHD GIPA Annual Report 2014-15 [PDF]

WSLHD GIPA Annual Report 2015-16 [PDF]

WSLHD GIPA Annual Report 2016-17 [PDF]

WSLHD GIPA Annual Report 2017-18 [PDF]

WSLHD GIPA Annual Report 2018-19 [PDF]

WSLHD GIPA Annual Report 2019-20 [PDF]

WSLHD GIPA Annual Report 2020-21 [PDF]

WSLHD GIPA Annual Report 2021-22 [PDF]

WSLHD GIPA Annual Report 2022-23 [PDF]