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Disclosure Log for 2014

The disclosure log of formal access applications is a record containing details of WSLHD information already released under the Government Information (Public Access) Act 2009 for the calendar year 2014.  A disclosure log is part of the open access information that agencies are required to make publicly available and is a requirement under Section 25 of the GIPA Act.

The disclosure log is intended to provide access to information for people who want the same or similar information as previous applicants, and would otherwise have to make formal access applications. Requests for personal information are not included in the disclosure log.  Some information that has been released under the GIPA Act may be provided in summary format only in this disclosure log.

The table below details the access applications received in 2014, the decision made on information release and how the information can be accessed.  If this information is not provided electronically below, interested parties may access copies of the information listed by contacting the Right to Information Coordinator on 8860 2550 or via email [email protected].

Please note that this disclosure log lists the information requested at that time and may not be the most up to date version of the information.


Date of
Description of
Type of
Information Available
To the public
 WS14/1778 19-Nov-2014 Information in relation to cyclists being treated at Westmead, Auburn and Blacktown Mt Druitt Hospital major trauma units from 1 January 2011 to 23 September 2014 Full access Available online

Links to released information:
 WS14/1235 29-Jul-2014 Documents in relation to operational procedures and proper patient care standards for obstetricians and midwives in the maternity ward that was in operation in 1994 at Westmead Hospital.
Information in relation to medical negligence claims against Westmead Hospital pertaining to negligence in childbirth and monitoring pregnancy from 1 July to 30 June 2014.
Full access Available online

Links to released information:

 WS14/535 02-Apr-2014 Information in relation to statistics on patients aged 12-25 with Mental Health illness in Blacktown Full access All released information available.
For access please email us.
 WS14/85 20-Feb-2014 Information in relation to the treatment of transient ischaemic attacks, stroke, clinical handover & radiology reporting timeframes. Full access All released information available.
For access please email us.