David Farlow

Dr. David Farlow, Cinical Director

David commenced work at Westmead in 1981, doing his basic physician training here, then commencing advanced training in Nuclear Medicine in 1985. This training was completed at Yale University in 1987 in a 12 month research Fellowship, after which time David returned to Westmead as a junior Staff Specialist in the Department of Nuclear Medicine and Ultrasound. Since that time, he has served in numerous roles at Westmead including Director of Nuclear Medicine and Ultrasound, as well as Stream Leader of Medical Imaging, and Chair of Medical Staff Council. David successfully led the implementation of Westmead's PET service in 2006. His professional interests are in cardiac disease investigation, as well as clinical management and clinical applications of information technology. He enjoys building things at work, including protocols, workflows, teams, IT systems and complete services. He plans on working at Westmead for a long time yet.

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Vijay Kumar

Prof Vijay Kumar

Vijay is a Radiopharmaceutical Scientist at the Department of Nuclear Medicine and PET at Westmead Hospital and The Children’s Hospital at Westmead, Sydney. He is a Clinical Professor at Sydney Medical School, University of Sydney. He worked as a Consultant Radiopharmaceutical Science Expert at the IAEA headquarters in Vienna in 2010. He has been associated with IAEA activities since 2005 on several National consultant missions to develop International Radiopharmacopoeial Monographs and Hospital Radiopharmacy guidelines etc. He trained many overseas candidates at Westmead Hospital under IAEA Fellowship and Scientific visits. His major research focus is in developing 68Ga-PET radiopharmaceuticals for molecular imaging of Infection and Neuroendocrine Tumours. He has been closely associated with University of Mainz for research collaboration. He is an editorial board member of the World Journal of Nuclear Medicine and Biology and has been associated with ISORBE activities (International Society of Radiolabelled Blood Elements). He has been actively associated with ANZSNM Scientific Advisory Panel, IRC (International Relations Committee) and in the bid committee for winning the WFNMB-2018. He has published many book chapters, reviews, peer-reviewed publications and Radiopharmacy modules for IAEA. He has been invited to speak at several international meetings.

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Roger Fulton

A/Prof Roger Fulton

Roger is Principal Nuclear Medicine Physicist in the Department of Medical Physics at Westmead Hospital, and holds appointments at the University of Sydney as Conjoint Associate Professor in the Discipline of Medical Radiation Sciences and Honorary Associate in School of Physics. He has made fundamental contributions to the development of motion correction techniques for medical and preclinical imaging. He developed the first completely effective method for motion-corrected SPECT brain imaging in 1994, using motion tracking and fully 3D reconstruction. He also led the development of motion correction techniques for PET, publishing the earliest demonstrations of motion-corrected brain PET imaging in 2002 with colleagues from the Forschungszentrum Jülich (FZJ) in Germany. In 2004, again with colleagues from the FZJ, he extended this work to fully 3D PET data acquired in list mode, which enabled correction for rapid movements on an event-by-event basis.

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