Redbank House

Redbank House

Redbank Integrated Adolescent Service (RIAS)

The Redbank Integrated Adolescent Service (RIAS) is located at Redbank House, Westmead Hospital in Western Sydney Local Health District (WSLHD).  It is co-located with the Redbank School for Specific Purposes.  

RIAS consists of 24 beds (9 secure and acute , 8 non-acute inpatient and 7 day patients). The Service provides assessment and tertiary level treatment programs and sub programs for adolescents aged 12-18 years old. 

The adolescents present with complex often comorbid, diagnostically unclear and treatment resistant, psychiatric disorders, for which outpatient and community-level intervention has been insufficient. 

The associated social, emotional and educational impairments contribute a disproportionate impact on personal functioning and on others, especially family. The average stay is 1 to 4 weeks duration; however, treatment-resistant disorders may require a longer admission.

The RIAS multi-disciplinary approach provides expertise which supports comprehensive psychiatric and neuropsychiatric evaluations, individually tailored treatments, multimodal care packages and outreach to community stakeholders, schools and family. This holistic approach to care, addresses mental health, social and educational needs of the adolescent as well as family recovery. 

RIAS  offers a range of different evidence based treatments including, pharmacological,  systemic, cognitive behavioural, dialectical  behavioural and trauma informed therapies.

The RIAS team is staffed by Child & Adolescent Psychiatrists, Psychiatric Registrars , Registered Nurses, Clinical and Neuro Psychologists , Senior Social Workers, Art & Music therapists and special education trained teachers.