Redbank House

Redbank House

Child and Family Unit (CFU) (4-12 years)

Child and Family Unit (CFU) offers specialist, tertiary, intensive programs for families with a child under 12 years old with emotional and behavioural difficulties that have not responded adequately to primary/secondary level interventions.

The Day Program is for children living at home and attending school (years1-6) in western Sydney who are at risk of mainstream education failure due to significant mental health problems such as, anxiety, depressed mood, aggression, social and communication skills deficits, and poor emotional self-regulation both at home and at school. The co-location with Redbank School allows for a joint approach to managing emotional, behavioural and social problems within a classroom and learning environment.  The Day Program consists of:

  • Partial enrolment at Redbank School in a class of up to six children for 1-2 school terms, while maintaining at least one day/week at their usual ‘home’ school.
  • Social and emotional skills learning and practicing throughout the day, in therapy groups, in class, and during recess and lunchtime.
  • A weekly individual therapy session and a daily group program, as well as addressing academic progress in key learning areas.
  • Weekly parents/carers group on Wednesdays, followed by lunch and joint play session with their child.
  • Weekly parents/carers parenting or family therapy session.
  • Regular liaison with community therapists and the child’s home school by Redbank House clinicians and Redbank School teachers.

As the Family Admissions Program is no longer offered, the team is working on innovative options to deliver contemporary treatments for children with complex difficulties, in partnership with a range of community stakeholders in western Sydney.More details to will be provided in due course.

For all information or if you have any questions please call 02 8890 6577 and ask for the CFU intake clinician. An intake referral form can be emailed or faxed to you.