Redbank House

Redbank House

Alternate Care Clinic (ACC) (0-18 years)

The Alternate Care Clinic (ACC) Is a joint initiative  between Western Sydney Local Health District and Family and Community Services (FACS) which started in 2005.

The ACC provides specialist tertiary level mental health services for children and young people (0-18 years) in out-of-home-care living in Western Sydney who present with emotional, behavioural and relational difficulties due to complex trauma and attachment disruption.

 The ACC provides a range of flexible and comprehensive interventions . It seeks to co-ordinate and support services and carers involved with the client to ensure therapeutic co-ordination and the highest possible standard of care. Services offered include:-

  • Comprehensive mental health assessment and development of mental health care plans
  • Psychiatric assessment and review (including medication)
  • Individual, family and group based therapy for children, young people and their carers
  • Psycho-educational and therapy programs for carers and workers (including  the Reparative Parenting Group Program)
  • Neuropsychological assessment
  • Input into and support of case management and care planning
  • Liaison with schools
  • Complex case consultation for Health, FACS and Non Government Organisations.

The ACC is the only specialist clinic of its kind in New South Wales and is committed to supporting the education, supervision and training of clinicians working in Out-Of-Home-Care sector. The ACC developed the Reparative Parenting Program and since 2012 has trained over 70 clinicians around the state as facilitators.

Enquires: All referrals for the ACC are via FACS through the Met West High Needs Kids Team on 9354 1800.

Enquiries regarding education and training  can be made to the Unit Head on 8890 6577.