sparQ : Empowering Safety and Quality Excellence through Leadership and Development at WSLHD


Are you ready to sparQ your potential and take safety and quality to new heights?

At WSLHD, we're excited to introduce sparQ, a concept designed to unlock your hidden talents and empower you to make a lasting impact. Discover how to develop, deliver, and embed improvement activities, propelling us toward a future of exceptional care.

Leading the way is the Safety and Quality Essentials Pathway, the first program to be implemented under sparQ from WSLHD (See below). This innovative 3-tiered learning pathway is designed to equip everyone with the knowledge and skills to understand your role in safety and quality.

Watch out for new exciting programs as part of the sparQ initiative at WSLHD! We're constantly working behind the scenes to develop a diverse range of engaging and impactful programs that will further foster leadership, ongoing development, and management growth. 

Safety and Quality Pathway

Do you want to understand and play a key role in improving our district's patient safety and quality? The Safety and Quality Essential Pathway (SQEP) was designed in collaboration with the Clinical Excellence Commission to equip WSLHD employees and teams to develop patient safety and quality improvement capabilities.

Starting with the Foundational level and moving on to Intermediate and Adept levels, the SQEP will provide a pathway and ongoing training for WSLHD teams and employees, this is a fantastic opportunity for career development.

The Foundational and Intermediate levels are available on My Health Learning to make it more convenient for all WSLHD employees. The successful completion of the Adept level may earn up to 8 credits towards your post-graduate study!

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To register for the Foundation level, please click here.

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