About Population Health

Population Health is described as an approach to health that aims to improve the health of an entire human population.

The WSLHD Centre for Population health aims to improve the health of all people living in the Western Sydney Local Health District and reduce avoidable hospitalisations.

Population Health works with people and organisations in the local district to create healthy environments, policies and programs that support healthy choices. Key functions include Public Health and Health Promotion.

Public Health

The role of the Public Health Unit is to identify and prevent or minimise public health risks to the community. These risks may be from infectious or communicable diseases, or from exposure to harmful chemicals, or to radiation. The Public Health Unit consists of three teams:

Public Health staff work closely with general practitioners, community health workers and hospital-based clinicians, pathology laboratories, schools and childcare centres, local councils and with other government agencies to protect public health.

The Public Health Unit often collaborates with other agencies in research relating to disease prevention and best practice in public health.

Health Promotion

The Health Promotion Unit (HPU) develops, implements and evaluates community based programs that improve and maintain population health and reduce inequalities in health outcomes. Activities are focused around national and state priority program areas including:

The Centre also takes the lead role in maintaining some key health partnerships such as local government, schools, TAFE colleges and University of Western Sydney.

If you would like to discuss an opportunity to work together to achieve better health outcomes for people in Western Sydney please contact us below.

Management Team

Assoc Prof Stephen Corbett       

Director Centre for Population Health

Ms Christine Newman

Manager Health Promotion & Deputy Director Centre for Population Health

Dr Shopna Bag

Director of Public Health

Population Health Services


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