Westmead Hospital Physiotherapy Department testimonials

Physiotherapy at Westmead Hospital


“We would like to thank you for giving us the opportunity and privilege to do our rehabilitation with you. It really means a lot to us, because it has helped us all, both physically and emotional. I don’t think we can put into words the relief and happiness we feel when we move in ways we used to cause us pain but no longer do.”

Hydrotherapy group participants


“I just wanted to send you a personal email to thank you so much for putting on such a fabulous course. Your energy and explanations on all the topics were fantastic.”



“ I just want to say thank you for the help and comfort I received on the day I arrived in hospital and was unable to walk …….. it helped me so much”



“I just wanted to personally thank you for the last 5 weeks. Out of all my 3 pracs this one is the one I feel I have improved the most. Before this prac I was starting to doubt my ability as a physio and whether physio was even for me. I found the feedback that you gave me to be the best feedback that I’ve had so far and I understood exactly what you wanted me to do…… Thanks again”

Jo – physiotherapy student


“I attended 8 sessions of exercise classes for back pain and I am pleased to say how wonderful my therapist was. She is full of energy, kind, pleasant and efficient. She took individual care with affection, smiling all the way. My appreciation and best wishes are due to her. I wish her a bright future.”



“I just want to thank you for the manner in which you cared for me, when I attended you class yesterday. I was very sore, upset, ‘baby bluey’ and anxious about my operation. Thank you for being so understanding, so reassuring, so comforting. You gave me some helpful tips in the class and encouragement to ‘keep on keeping on’ looking after my body, its muscles, its support. All so appreciated!!!

Debbie – a new mum


I am the patient you helped direct to a referral for physiotherapy for my sore back. Thank you for your help. I’m now 29 weeks pregnant and it has been so helpful seeing the physio as an outpatient to keep me going! Thanks again for your time.



Thanks so much for your lovely classes and support! We definitely know much, much more than 6 weeks ago and it gives us more confidence to cope with our new life. We can't say enough good things about your classes and we will recommend you to any parents to be if they wish to attend any classes. Thanks. 

Ann and Greg


Thank you for assisting me throughout my ordeal with my hand….look it’s messy, but I can write with it again. Thank you so much.



Just wanted to say thanks for all your effort in me achieve what seemed unimaginable! Thank you.



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