Physiotherapists at Auburn

Physiotherapy at Auburn Hospital

Information for patients

Am I eligible to use the service?

Physiotherapy services are available to all Auburn Hospital inpatients and outpatients living in the Auburn LGA.

How do I get a referral to your service?

Inpatients: Inpatients can ask their doctor/nurse for a referral for physiotherapy.

Outpatients: Patients requiring outpatient physiotherapy can ask their doctor (GP/specialist) for a referral or use a referral from a hospital inpatient service. The referral can be sent prior to treatment or brought to the initial appointment.

What do I need for my first appointment?

When attending the first physiotherapy appointment, it is essential the referral from the doctor is provided to the treating physiotherapist (if not already provided prior to the appointment).

It is also ideal if any scans/tests (e.g. x-rays/CTs/ MRIs) and/or results related to the area of concern are brought to the first appointment.

Comfortable, loose-fitting clothing is ideal when attending physiotherapy.

It is common for patients to remove some clothing during the appointment so the area being treated is visible to the physiotherapist. Gowns and draping will be provided. Patients are encouraged to talk to their physiotherapists if they have any concerns.

Patients should be on-time for physiotherapy appointments.

Please allow sufficient time for travel/parking prior to appointments. All appointments are time-limited - if patients are late, it is likely the appointment will need to be shorter, restricting therapy time.

What do I need to bring to my follow-up appointment?

Please bring any new results or letters from the referring doctor.

What should I do if I can't attend an appointment?

Patients unable to attend an appointment are asked to notify the physiotherapy department and rebook their appointment if necessary. Failure to attend without reasonable notice will be deemed non-attendance. Repeated non-attendance will mean we cannot continue to provide treatment.

English is not my first language. How do I request an interpreter?

Interpreters are available for patients receiving physiotherapy at Auburn Hospital.

A broad range of languages and dialects are accommodated by the Western Sydney Local Health District Interpreter Service.

Typically, an interpreter is booked for an initial appointment. Interpreters can then be booked for additional appointments if needed.

Any patient/family member/carer can request an interpreter but they cannot make the booking themselves. The treating health care provider will organise the booking.

If an interpreter is not immediately available on-site, the phone interpreter service can be contacted.

Family members often offer to interpret for patients. While we appreciate the gesture, clinicians are required to use accredited interpreters for assessment and treatment.

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