Parramatta Chest Clinic

Parramatta Chest Clinic

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The Parramatta Chest Clinic is a specialised service which provides screening, treatment and education for conditions related to tuberculosis.

We operate as an offsite outpatient clinic and are part of the Department of Respiratory and Sleep Medicine, Westmead Hospital.

We are not able to perform chest x-rays at the clinic, you will need to attend your local hospital who will perform a chest x-ray free of charge. If you choose to attend a private radiology service instead, you will have to pay the cost yourself.

Our services

  • Assessment, investigation, treatment and management of active and latent tuberculosis
  • Direct observed therapy for treatment
  • Tuberculosis screening for medical procedures, student clinical placement or pre-employment
  • Private sector tuberculosis screening (onsite screening for 15 staff or more)
  • Immigration screening as referred by BUPA (including tuberculosis undertaking)
  • Tuberculosis wound dressings
  • Venepuncture
  • BCG vaccination (pre-travel) for children under 5 years of age. Bookings are made via the NSW Ministry of Health website
  • Education and travel advice regarding reasonable precautions to reduce tuberculosis exposure
  • Contact tracing for cases with active tuberculosis
  • Outreach service

Referrals (including BCG)

  • A referral and booking is needed for BCG vaccination. Bookings are made via the NSW Ministry of Health website
  • Students and pre-employment clients need a Health Vaccination Card and/or email from prospective employer in place of a referral
  • A referral is needed for health screening for medical treatment
  • Immigration screening is referred by BUPA
  • Clients can self refer for contact tracing
  • GP referrals - Referrals to Parramatta Chest Clinic can be emailed to
    • Prior to referring, consider ordering an IGRA blood test, Chest X Ray, 3 consecutive morning sputum samples (tested for AFBs on smear, culture and PCR)
    • Please include as much information as you can in your referral
    • At a minimum we require a patient’s name, date of birth, address, phone number, if an interpreter is required (and what language), what tests have been performed and the results. For those with pulmonary TB symptoms, please ensure a Chest X Ray has been attended to prior to referring.

Students and health care workers

All students / health care workers attending health care placement (clinical placement) or working in the hospital need to complete the following steps (download and see flowchart):

  1. Students / health care workers attending clinical placement or commencing work in a hospital require TB screening in order to keep potentially harmful infections out of our hospitals
  2. Students / health care workers born in a TB high risk country or who have travelled to a TB high risk country for a cumulative period of more than three months (click to view TB high risk country list) will be required to see their GP and request a Quantiferon Gold blood test (aka IGRA). This blood test is different to your other blood tests, and is different to serology and should not be done within 4 weeks of receiving the MMR or varicella vaccine. The Quantiferon Gold blood test is not done at the Parramatta Chest Clinic - it is done through your GP and costs between $30 - $50. If this blood test comes back as positive, you will need to arrange a chest x ray via referral from your GP and attend to this at any location that provides radiology (chest x rays cannot be done at the Parramatta Chest Clinic). If the blood test comes back as negative and you are asymptomatic, your GP can provide you with sign off for TB compliance.
  3. You will ALSO need to complete the TB assessment tool - every student / health care worker needs to complete this tool
  4. Students / health care workers who were not born in, or who have not travelled to a 'TB high risk country' ONLY need to complete the TB assessment tool
  5. Send a copy of your TB assessment form, your Quantiferon Gold Blood test (aka IGRA), your Chest X Ray report, AND your adult vaccination card to Your email will be responded to promptly.

Overseas visitors / BUPA referrals

People applying for a long term visa (>6 months)

Tuberculosis Health Undertakings (TBUs) and Onshore deferrals

Australia has a very low incidence of Tuberculosis (TB) and part of the immigration health screening process is to ensure infectious diseases like TB, don’t become a problem in Australia.

People from overseas that plan to visit Australia for a period of 6 months or longer are required to undertake a health check, and this health check is part of the visa application requirement. These health checks are required by the department of Home Affairs (dept. of immigration) and they contract BUPA to arrange these health checks.

For visitors that originate from a TB High Risk Country there is a particular focus on TB. If something abnormal is detected during the screening process, patients are placed on a TB screening process called a Tuberculosis Health Undertaking (TBU – for those that applied for their long term visa whilst overseas). This is known as an Onshore Deferral (for those that applied for this long term visa whilst in Australia). These people are referred to the chest clinic of the area where they plan to reside (their local chest clinic as per their residing postcode).

Some abnormalities detected during screening that relate to TB are:

  • Sputums that test positive for TB
  • An abnormal Chest X-Ray; sometimes due to previous TB infection or disease, existing abnormalities or maybe a recent chest infection
  • A positive IGRA or TST / Mantoux test (this is a blood test that tests for the presence of TB infection) and is usually the case when children are referred

Those with an abnormal CXR that have sputums negative for TB are granted a conditional visa; the condition is that they have to attend a chest clinic for follow up. This means that if you are referred to a chest clinic, it is because your Chest X Ray is not normal. If you are found to have TB whilst in Australia, you will be granted a conditional visa (the condition is that you should attend medical appointments and follow the doctor’s instructions).


Children are usually referred from BUPA because they have a positive TST (Mantoux test) or a positive Quantiferon Gold blood test (a blood test called an IGRA). In this instance, children will be sent to Westmead Children’s Hospital for another IGRA blood test. If the IGRA is positive, your child will be sent for a Chest X-Ray and booked for a doctor’s review.

Helpful links:

Please look at this sheet to understand the process of how you will be screened for TB. This is only the process for the Parramatta Chest Clinic; each chest clinic has a slightly different process.

Change of address

If you change your address, you need to inform BUPA of your new address details. This is because you are allocated to a local chest clinic based on your postcode.

You can change your address by:

In person at BUPA’s office – find your local BUPA medical and visa services office at

Or by email:


  • All investigations, monitoring and treatment of active or latent tuberculosis is free of charge. No Medicare card is required.
  • For tuberculosis screening for pre-employment and clearance for clinical placement, a $30 fee will apply. An additional cost may occur if a blood test is required to determine your tuberculosis status (Quantiferon-GOLD)
  • The BCG vaccine for tuberculosis is now free of charge

What to bring to your appointment

  • Proof of identification – Medicare card (if available)
  • Previous chest x-rays and CT scans (if available)
  • Adult vaccination card for pre-employment screening or screening of students for clinical placement
  • Appointment letter for medical appointments

Our staff

Head of service

Director Respiratory and Sleep Medicine: Prof John Wheatley

Chest clinic physicians

Medical Director Parramatta Chest Clinic: Dr Jin-Gun Cho

Dr A B Hamish Crawford

Dr Anthony Byrne

Dr Ming Teo

Dr Joseph Janjis

Dr Tri Ha-Minh

Nursing staff

Nursing Unit Manager: Deborah Baverstock

Clinical Nurse Consultant & TB Coordinator: Evan Ulbricht

Maree Holton

Carol de la Motte

Cherie Sullivan

Sadhana Sigdel

Karen Camat

Reta Toma

Administration staff

Krupaliben Bandhaniya

Pranoti Hukkire

Contact us

Location IconJeffery House, Ground Floor 
162 Marsden Street (cnr Phillip & Marsden Street), Parramatta NSW 2150


Phone Icon(02) 9843 3110


Fax icon(02) 9843 3116




Hours of Service:
Monday, Wednesday & Friday 8am-5pm
Tuesday & Thursday 8am - 3:30pm

How to get to our service

Our service is located in Jeffery House within the Parramatta Justice Precinct (PJP), at the intersection of Marsden & Phillip Streets.

Parramatta Chest Clinic


On site parking
  • There is no general parking available on site
  • Limited disabled parking is available on site (you must have a current sticker). Please phone (02) 9843 3122 to book
Local parking options
  • Westfield Parramatta - Multi-level parking. Hours: 7am–midnight. Cost: 0-3 hours FREE
  • Parramatta Park - Time-limited free parking

Public transport

Getting here by train

Directions from Parramatta train station – exit station at Darcy Street, walk down Church Street to Phillip Street, turn left. The Chest Clinic is directly ahead at intersection of Marsden and Phillip Streets.

Planning your trip

Contact the Transport NSW Info service to plan your trip and obtain the latest timetable, fare and wheelchair access information.
Phone: 131 500 (24 hours, 7 days a week)

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