Young entrepreneur recycles cans at Auburn

07 Feb 2017

Auburn Hospital nurse manager Kristina Roberts’ son Alex, along with the hospital’s patient service assistants, were recently named Cumberland Council's Community Event of the Year for their project Cans for Kids.

Young entrepreneur recycles cans at Auburn 

Alex started Cans for Kids when he was just six, after he saved an elderly man’s life.

The man was so grateful that he began saving aluminium cans for Alex for pocket money.

After a few years, Alex lost his old mate and decided to do something meaningful in his memory.

He got his school and community involved in recycling cans, with the money raised going to an orphanage in Vietnam.

Auburn Hospital's patient service assistants were touched by Alex's commitment to the environment and to children in poverty so they also started collecting cans.

For the past 11 years, the hospital has been supporting Alex with the project, recycling nearly 100 per cent of the cans that are disposed of at the hospital.

The money raised goes to the Save the Children fund - an international organisation that promotes children's rights and provides relief and support for children in developing countries.

If anyone is interested in supporting Alex and his cause, contact Kristina Roberts at

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