What should healthcare in the future look like?

24 Apr 2017

That is the question the Integrated and Community Health Directorate was looking for answers to when holding its first "Integrated Healthcare: Moving to the Future Forum" on Wednesday, 5 April.

The newly formed Directorate was keen to draw on international expertise and involve clinicians and health workers from across the district, local partners, other NSW Health organisations and non-government organisations to develop a integrated healthcare model for the future.

Professor Jeremy Chapman, Julie McCrossin and Adjunct A/Professor Walter Kmet at the Integrated Healthcare - Moving to the Future Forum which was held on Wednesday, 5 April 2017

More than 200 registrants attended the Rosehill Gardens Forum and via webcast, broadcast across the State.

Well-known media personality Julie McCrossin was MC and set the tone with a lively and engaging presentation style with her incisive and snappy interview techniques.

Professor Jeremy Chapman, representing the WSLHD Board and Adjunct A/Professor Walter Kmet, Western Sydney Primary Health Network CEO, were the first to experience Julie’s quick-fire style.

Sir John Oldham, who flew in from the UK to present, provided plenty of food for thought with his vast experience with implementing change in systems in the UK, US, Canada, Sweden and Australia.

The second international speaker, Carolyn Gullery, showed that New Zealand has succeeded in developing a model of integrated healthcare - connecting GPs, other health providers and patients in the Canterbury District.

Continuing the discussion on placing the patient at the centre, The University of Sydney’s Professor Don Nutbeam emphasised the importance of clinicians learning to communicate with patients in ways which are more meaningful to them.

Many participants commented on how they would take on-board the ideas and approaches which emerged from the day into their work environments.

Some of the comments from the Forum included:

"How do we replicate NZ experience in Oz?"

"Integrated Healthcare! How refreshing.

"Consumers negotiating mental care need better integrated healthcare and this can happen. Pave the way!"

"WOW great results from a person centred integrated strategy."

Want to catch up on what you missed – tune in to the webcast at: http://aci.mediahouse.com.au/western-sydney-forum/