What is a consumer rep?

09 Feb 2017

Just over two years ago, the framework guiding how we partner with consumers was launched.

Ken and Marjory Freeman 

Since then, the role of a consumer representative has become clearly defined.

Listening to the experiences of our own consumer rep’s has helped us understand that a consumer representative is someone who often wants to "give back" to the public health system.

Being involved with staff members in committees and think-tanks helps staff members focus on why a public health system exists: to serve our community.

Consumer representatives are trained to understand the way health systems work and how to work with staff members.

To be a consumer rep, you ensure that personal agendas are not at the forefront. Rather, a consumer rep works with staff members to co-design new ways of delivering healthcare.

To recruit consumer representatives we undertake National Criminal Record checks, referee checks, 100 points of ID checks and require them to sign off on NSW Health Code of Conduct as well as a special "Role, Rights and Responsibilities" document.

If you would like to work with consumer reps in your team,
contact Tara or Coralie on 0437 874 244
or visit http://www.wslhd.health.nsw.gov.au/Consumer-Engagement/All-about-consumer-engagement