Prof Naren Gunja steps into new role

23 Feb 2017

WSLHD congratulates and is pleased to announce that Associate Professor Naren Gunja has been appointed to the role of chief medical information officer (CMIO).

Prof Naren Gunja 

Naren is a senior staff specialist in Emergency Medicine and Toxicology for the district.

He started his internship at Westmead Hospital in 1998 and is now a Clinical Associate Professor at the Sydney Medical School and the Clinical Lead for the eMEDs project at Blacktown Hospital.

He is also the Chair of the recently established WSLHD Health Informatics Advisory Group.

Naren will play a key role the challenges ahead including:

  • Getting the right clinical IT systems and infrastructure into our hospitals
  • Improving the user experience of health technology
  • Promoting and developing a clinical informatics workforce at WSLHD
  • Getting the right clinical analytics tools to improve patient care
  • Engage clinicians in all disciplines to improve uptake of health IT and use it better/safer/wiser
  • Drive education and training of clinicians on using the eMR as a tool for better patient outcomes
  • Provide advice to the Chief Information Officer, ITS and WSLHD Executive so that we drive innovation and service improvement through health technology

The CMIO appointment is an important milestone for WSLHD and will greatly enhance the engagement with clinical staff and bring much needed expertise to Information Technology Services in WSLHD.

"We are at the forefront of technology by getting the clinicians involved in IT and the software they use - traditionally clinicians do their thing and IT develops the software they use," he said.

"Now there is a shift in the way things are done. Clinicians are involved in the design and building the systems they will be using in a more orientated manner, which will assist in their workflow and the way they assess and mange patients.

"This is a exciting digital transformation in western Sydney - it’s innovative and at the right time with the redevelopments. We are building a new hospital from scratch and now the technology to match!"