National Apology Day Commemoration

08 Mar 2017

Written and supplied by The Unversity of Sydney Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander lead lecturer Cathryn Forsyth.

National Apology Day Commemoration 

Monday, 13 February marked nine years since former Prime Minister Kevin Rudd apologised to the Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander people of Australia.

WSLHD’s Aboriginal Health Unit held a commemorative celebration to remember the stolen generation and celebrate National Apology Day.

WSLHD Aboriginal Health’s Eileen Louise acknowledged our Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people past and present, followed by Trish Collison sharing a little of her history and reflecting on the first Sorry Day in Canberra.

Aboriginal Elder Aunty Rita Wright shared her journey of being taken from her family, reflecting on the hurts of the past, while being thankful to God and maintaining a vision for the future.

As a white person who had little knowledge of the past in my school education, hearing these stories and having the opportunity to share with my Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander colleagues, helped me gain a greater understanding of the past and assisted in promoting avenues for healing, reconciliation and a better future for all people.

It was great to meet with friends and share candidly about where Australia is at present and where it is going and needs to be in the future.