Making a fantastic difference to long nights

19 Apr 2017

Fantastic Furniture has generously donated 26 recliner chairs to Westmead Hospital’s Women’s and Newborn Health department, making patients’, carers’ and family’s stay a lot more comfortable.

The new armchairs have been placed in the Women’s Health Ward, where patients are being treated for high-risk pregnancies and gynaecological cancers.

One of the 26 recliner chairs Fantastic Furniture has generously donated to Westmead Hospital’s Women’s and Newborn Health department

Donna Garland, operations director, Women’s and Newborn Health said support from the immediate family in these situations is important.

“Quite often, patients can come from different regions of NSW, requiring highly specialised treatment and care, and families requiring longer stays by their loved ones’ side,” she said.

“A recent survey of patients who had the opportunity to have their families within the room for longer periods showed improved emotional wellbeing.

“The generous support of Fantastic Furniture will allow us to make long nights in hospital a little more relaxing.”

Westmead Hospital ovarian cancer patient Phyllis Matthews was delighted with the new chair in her room.

“The chairs are so comfortable and they’re so easy to relax in, I could easily fall asleep in mine.

“I think it’s wonderful Fantastic Furniture has helped make patients’ stay in hospital a lot better.”

Renee Bosworth, Fantastic Furniture area leader, praised the care provided at Westmead Hospital.

“We are thrilled to provide ultra-comfortable reclining armchairs to the department to improve the quality of comfort and the day-to-day support family members need.”

Susie Saba, Partnerships Manager at Westmead Medical Research Foundation said she was delighted with the donation.

“We are so pleased that Fantastic Furniture has donated these recliner chairs. I hope it inspires more businesses to think about ways in which they can support our communities.”

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