Leaders to improve patient care

06 Apr 2017

It started as a project in WSLHD’s clinical leadership program. What it achieved was remarkable.

Registered nurses Sunra Sumlut and Chaw Khaing’s project - called ‘It’s in Your Hands’ - resulted in compliance in the high 90s, including one great result of 100 per cent compliance, in hand hygiene in their ward. To put that in perspective, the overall compliance rate in Australia is 84 per cent.

Leaders to improve patient care 

Their’s was one of a host of high-quality projects that came out of the 2016 Foundational Clinical Leadership Program (CLP), which aims at creating clinicians who lead consistent improvements in patient care, systems and use of resources.

Thirteen people graduated - including two who had babies while they were doing it!

Sunra and Chaw - who work in Westmead Surgical High Dependency Unit - said the Clinical Leadership Program had been a valuable experience. As part of their project, they hosted the first Hand Hygiene Awareness Launch Day in Westmead Hospital, and they plan to develop more innovative implementations to raise hand hygiene awareness for better, safer patient care.

"Learning about our own leadership/management styles and personality types has been the highlight of CLP," they said. "We have become improved and confident leaders and our public speaking skills also improved."

Participants in the CLP presented their projects to the Clinical Excellence Commission’s director of Patient Safety Dr Bernadette Eather and acting Executive director of People and Culture Helen Emmerson.