A fair go for all

03 Feb 2017

Westmead Hospital’s postal service has embraced WSLHD’s new Disability Workforce Plan 2015 – 2020, with the aid of the Jobsupport disability employment team.

Marija Banovic has been placed as a mailroom assistant at Westmead Hospital’s postal services department, since July 2015, and has been obtaining work experience to gain the necessary skills for a full-time job.

A fair go for all

Judith Frazer, postal services manager, said there were many benefits to gain from partnering with the Disability Employment service.

“Working with Marija has shown us there are avenues of such potential where people with a disability can assist and do great work for our hospital," she said.

Marija has loved working at Westmead and is hoping to obtain a job with the hospital.

“I like working here at Westmead Hospital, it’s a good place because you get to meet people," she said.

“My favourite place is the PET suite because Delle, who is a receptionist there, has become my friend.

“Thank you to Tanya, Jobsupport vocational trainer, and Jude for giving me a chance to work here.”

Tanya Stafa from Jobsupport said clients have successfully transitioned from their work experience to gain employment outside the hospital.

“When the program first commenced in 2009, four clients succeeded in gaining employment at the hospital and three of them are still employed," she said.

“We’re always looking for potential sites each year that could join our program. Departments need to have routine and repetitive tasks that we can train our clients in.”

For more information contact Kate Murdoch, WSLHD Disability Employment co-ordinator on (02) 8838 6389 or Tanya Stafa from Jobsupport on (02)9831 4377