Stir Crazy gives back to Mount Druitt hospital

11 Dec 2015

Patients in Mount Druitt Hospital children’s ward thought Christmas had arrived early on December 11, thanks to the generous spirit of staff from Erskine Park’s Stir Crazy Noodle restaurant.

For the fifth year, staff from the eatery visited the sick kiddies and surprised them with presents.

The children received a swag of gifts including Transformers, Avengers figurines, Hot Wheels cars, Glitter Princess dolls, jewellery and make-up sets.

Staff from Erskine Park


Mount Druitt Hospital children’s ward nurse unit manager Mildred Villason said she was surprised by the variety of gifts and was thankful for Stir Crazy’s continued support.

“Being a child in hospital at any time is hard, but being in hospital near Christmas is even harder,” she said.

“I have not met a child who does not love presents, no matter how sick they are, and to see smiles on their faces is better than any treatment or medicine.

“The doctors and nurses love seeing the children playing with their presents, it take their minds off their treatment or illness.”

Stir Crazy restaurant manager Deborah Smolen said her staff willingly supported the appeal and would continue to do so in the future.

“We enjoy this time of year where we can really make a difference for these patients and families,” she said.

“For us, Christmas is about the spirit of giving and spending time with families; we feel for these kids because they do not choose to be in hospital at this time of year”.