Centenary Square stages HIV Testing Week

25 May 2015

#EASYTOUR concert featuring Australian Idol finalists

 Tuesday June 2

Kate DeAraugo from 2pm

Paulini from 5pm

Tour and promotional bus from 10am - 6pm

Ten per cent of HIV positive people in NSW may be unaware they are infected, a statistic Western Sydney Local Health District (WSLHD) wants to change.

HIV Testing Week, held annually from June 1-7, will feature the #EASYTOUR concert on Tuesday June 2.

 Australian Idol finalist PauliniThe music event will visit Centenary Square as part of a Statewide promotional tour which will entertain and encourage at-risk people to take a quick test.

Former Australian idol finalists Paulini and Kate DeAraugo will perform.

Ashley Ubrihien, WSLHD HIV and Related Programs manager said we need to keep HIV check-ups top of mind.

“Music will help make conversations about sexual health and HIV part of the norm,” he said.

In NSW, more than 10,500 people are living with diagnosed HIV infection.

Most cases reported in 2014 were in gay and homosexually-active men (79 per cent) with heterosexual cases accounting for 14 per cent.

“Testing is vital because HIV is generally transmitted by people who don’t know they have it,” he said.

“There’s a mix of high quality, safe and innovative HIV services such as express clinics, after hours and drop in clinics, faster results and online booking.

“During HIV Testing Week, I encourage people to check their HIV status, and support the campaign by posting #EASYTOUR on their social media accounts.”

As well as gay men, heterosexual people and anyone who has had unprotected sex with a high risk person may be at risk of HIV should be checked.

This includes people from countries where there are high rates of HIV infection.

For more information on HIV testing, treatment and prevention go to http://www.health.nsw.gov.au/endinghiv
or call 1800 451 624, or visit the Western Sydney Sexual Health Centre website. 

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