World-Class Outcomes for NSW Patients

10 Apr 2014

Health Minister Jillian Skinner today welcomed findings from the Bureau of Health Information’s (BHI) Healthcare in Focus 2013: Annual Performance Report, which indicate NSW is achieving world-class health outcomes through efficient and effective patient care.

The report compares healthcare in NSW to Australia and 10 other countries including the UK, Canada, the United States, France, the Netherlands, Sweden and Germany.

Mrs Skinner said the report highlights the improvements the NSW public health system is making for the benefit of patients.

“The performance of our hospitals is testament to the commitment and hard work of our doctors, nurses, allied health professionals and staff,” Mrs Skinner said.

“It is the efforts of our hospital staff coupled with this government’s record investment in health that ensures patients are receiving some of the best health services and outcomes in the world.

“NSW compares very well internationally and had the highest proportion of adults reporting that hospitals ensured follow up after hospitalisation (81 per cent).

“This demonstrates that our focus on integrated health care is assisting patients on their way to recovery.

“The recent BHI Patient Survey results also show patients believe they are receiving high levels of attention and care, with 91 per cent of patients rating their overall experience in NSW public hospitals as very good or good,” Mrs Skinner said.

Data from 2012-13 shows NSW performance in admitting patients on time for booked surgeries has improved across all urgency categories

Data from 2012-13 shows NSW performance in admitting patients on time for booked surgeries has improved across all urgency categories, and is one of the best performing states in Australia.

“We know that healthcare extends beyond a patient’s hospital visit - advice and post hospital care are vital to optimum health and healing,” Mrs Skinner said.

“With this in mind, I was pleased to see that post-discharge care was a highly rated performance area, with 81 per cent of adults having arrangements made for them with community services when discharged from hospital and 86 per cent of overnight

patients reporting that medications were discussed with them before they left hospital.

The report covers six domains: accessibility, appropriateness, effectiveness, efficiency, equity and sustainability. It indicates good outcomes in the effectiveness of the healthcare system in NSW including:

  • a high breast cancer five year survival rate of 88 per cent
  • 85 per cent of diabetes, heart disease and high cholesterol sufferers reporting  that their blood pressure was in the normal range or controlled.

Mrs Skinner said the report demonstrates the NSW health care system is financially efficient.

“We are spending less on administration costs in NSW and more on frontline services- our expenditure on physician services is the highest proportion among all the countries compared,” Mrs Skinner said.

“We know that prevention is critical to keeping people healthier and out of hospital so the NSW Government is committed to investing in public health programs that promote healthy lifestyles and prevent ill-health.”