Westmead Hospital nurses conquer the Amazing Race

26 Sep 2014

Westmead Hospital congratulates its amazing nurses Ryan Thomas and Daniel Little who won Channel Seven’s Amazing Race last tonight.

Ryan and Daniel work in the Westmead Hospital’s Intensive Care Unit (ICU).

The duo raced through 10 countries, six continents and almost 90,000kms in a true adventure of a lifetime.

Ryan and Daniel were the first team to finish the race and collected the grand prize of $250,000.

Shaun Drummond, director of operations – Westmead Hospital:

"Congratulations to the charming and talented Westmead Hospital ICU nurses on their incredible success. 

“I hope the boys are always able to find their way back into our hospital. 

“Next time I travel I will be asking Daniel and Ryan for tips on popular tourist destinations, best barber shops and where to find a tasty big spider for dinner!”

Jennifer Fitzsimons, nursing executive officer – Westmead Hospital:

“Now the boys are back at work I don’t know how their long-standing bromance is going to survive considering they spent so much time together jet-setting around the world.

“There will definitely be some separation anxiety if they find themselves on different shifts.

“We’re glad to have them back, we’ve missed them very much.”

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