Wedding Vows Renewed at Home Thanks to Mount Druitt Palliative Care Service

14 Apr 2014

When Blacktown Mount Druitt Hospital patient Jean Furlong told staff that she missed her husband dearly, arrangements were made for her to continue receiving treatment at home, and she celebrated by renewing her vows with her much-loved husband, Bob.

Jean is one of many patients who are benefiting from the outstanding care being delivered by the Mount Druitt Supportive and Palliative Care Unit, which is one of just two units in Australia to have met every national benchmark in the Palliative Care Outcomes Collaboration (PCOC) program over the past 12 months.

PCOC is a national program that uses standardised clinical assessment tools to benchmark and measure outcomes in palliative care across the country.

Jean Furlong, who lives in Blacktown, was being provided pain relief treatment due to a form of bowel cancer, at Mount Druitt campus last month.

After her pain relief treatment was rearranged so that she could return home, Jean and Bob Furlong were able to renew their wedding vows at a special ceremony at their home, in the presence of family, friends and hospital staff.

"I missed Bob so much," said Mrs Furlong. "I’m so grateful that hospital staff were able to change my treatment plan so that I was in the comfort of my own home, and close to my husband."

Bob and Jean renewed their vows in the presence of family, friends and hospital staff

Mrs Furlong continues to remain at home with her husband, under the care of staff at Mount Druitt Supportive Palliative Care Unit, and her own doctors.

Dr Philip Lee, WSLHD Director Supportive & Palliative Care Medicine, said, "Allowing Mrs Furlong to receive her care at home demonstrates the wonderful holistic care being provided by the dedicated and enthusiastic team at Mount Druitt Hospital Supportive Care Unit.

"I’m pleased that our Unit is leading the way in palliative care services," Dr. Lee said.

Blacktown Mount Druitt Hospital’s Supportive and Palliative Medicine Department is based at Mount Druitt campus. The service offers specialised, multidisciplinary holistic care for people with an advanced, progressive terminal illness. Palliative care also provides physical, emotional, social and spiritual support to patients.