NSW Education Program on Female Genital Mutilation (FGM)

NSW Education Program on Female Genital Mutilation (FGM)

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NSW Education Program on FGM goes to Wagga Wagga

In December 2008, four bi-lingual community workers and the Community Education and Development Officer from the NSW Education Program on FGM visited Wagga Wagga for a week to provide education on women’s health. The sessions were held in collaboration with Wagga TAFE.

A total of 23 women from Sudan, Sierra Leone, Burundi and Congo attended the 11 session “Women’s Health And Traditions In a New Society (WHATINS)” community education program. This purpose developed program takes a holistic approach to women’s health with topics on healthy eating, women - hormones and aging, cultural images of women, dealing with stress, child protection laws in NSW and available health and allied services in the area.

Childcare was provided each day to enable the women to fully participate in the intensive program.

When asked at the end about the program one of the participants said, ”If I was in Sudan now, I would go and talk to all women not to circumcise their daughters and explain to them how bad it is.

All the women enjoyed a time of celebration as they received their certificates of attendance and shared a healthy lunch together.

Employed Women from African Communities Project

This two part research project has been developed in partnership with Women's Health at Work.

Part 1 includes a literature review, community profiles, community focus groups, key community agencies and informant interviews and employer interviews.

Employed Women from African Communities Report

Camps with Sierra Leonean Women and Young Girls

Cabaslot Fiesta: report on residential camp for Sierra Leone refugee women and young girls

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