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Who we help

Western Sydney Local Health District Mental Health Services is here to support people with a range of mental illnesses and disorders. 
No matter what your age or background, we can offer support via a range of services. 
We assist people from the following groups:

Children and young people

Babies and children aged between 0-12 years.

We provide help for babies and children with complex mental health issues, and those who live in Out of Home Care and need access to Mental Health Services.We also support babies and children with neurodevelopmental complications who are graduates of the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit at Westmead.


People aged between 12-18 years.

We provide help for adolescents with acute, moderate, severe, or complex mental illness.

They may present with severe eating disorder symptoms, live in Out of Home Care and need access to Mental Health Services, or have a parent with mental illness.

Children and adolescents
Who we help elderly


People aged between 18-64 years.
We provide help for adults experiencing an acute mental health crisis.
We support adults with severe, persistent, and complex mental illness or disorders.
These mental illnesses and disorders can present alongside cognitive, behavioural, and emotional dysfunction associated with medical or neurological conditions, affecting the central nervous system or brain.
We also help adults with a diagnosed mental illness and are under a legal order, such as a community treatment order (CTO), forensic order, or Section 32 of the Mental Health Act. 

The elderly

People aged 65 and over or Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people aged 50 and over.
We support elderly people who have developed, or are at risk of developing, a mental health condition.
We help people with severe and persistent behavioural and psychological symptoms of Dementia (BPSD) and delirium, and those who are having difficulty adjusting to physical illness or injury.



Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander peoples

We provide a culturally safe and appropriate mental health and social and emotional wellbeing support service to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people in the Western Sydney community.

We have dedicated Aboriginal Mental Health Clinicians and Liaison Officers to guide and support our Aboriginal and Torres Strait islander community.

Who we help Aboriginal
Who we help Multicultural

Multicultural patients, including people who are new to Australia 

Transcultural Mental Health Centre (TMHC)

We work with people from diverse communities – both culturally and language-based, health professionals, and partner organisations across NSW to support good mental health. 
TMHC is an NSW Health state-wide service hosted within the Western Sydney Local Health District.

GambleAware Multicultural Service

Confidential assistance is available to gamblers and their families in more than 30 languages at locations across NSW. Assistance includes free telephone counselling, information, advice, and referral and one-to-one counselling in a preferred language. 



We help parents and carers with severe mental illness and/or substance use issues.
We also support families where a child presents with complex mental health issues or are experiencing emotional and behavioural challenges at home and/or at school.

Referring Clinicians

We provide support for clinicians who refer patients to our mental health services.

Who we help - families