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Family support

We encourage partnerships between the consumer, their family, clinicians, and mental health service teams. 
Listed below are some of the support services available to patients and their families.

Cumberland Carer Support Group

  • Cumberland Carer Support Group is one of the programs supporting carer lived experience. 
  • In partnership with Parramatta Mission Family & Carer Mental Health Program we provide a number of monthly support groups.

Bilingual Family Support Groups

  • The Transcultural Mental Health Service also holds Bilingual Family Support Groups. 
  • These meetings are held monthly in various locations in the community.
Bilingual Family Support Groups
NSW Family and Carere Mental Health Program

NSW Family and Carer Mental Health Program

This program focuses on working with people with a mental illness, and supporting their families and carers. This partnership is pivotal to achieving strong outcomes in mental health care. 
This includes, where possible, having family and carers assist in mental health care and recovery, and providing them with appropriate information, delivered in a way in which they can understand it. 
These programs are delivered in partnership with Parramatta Mission and the Transcultural Mental Health Service to provide a range of services that support relatives, carers, and families.


Mental Health Review Tribunal (MHRT) Information & Volunteer Service

This volunteer service is available to relatives and designated carers who have been asked to attend MHRT or inquiry hearings. 
The Mental Health Review Tribunal is a specialist quasi-judicial body established under the Mental Health Act 2007. It has a wide range of powers that enable it to conduct mental health inquiries, make and review orders, and to hear some appeals about the treatment and care of people with a mental illness.
Volunteers will greet you and make sure you arrive at your MHRT hearing on time. They will also liaise with the Tribunal Coordinator once you arrive at the tribunal waiting room and can answer any questions you have before or after the hearing.  

MHRT Information and Volunteer service