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Inpatient services

There are varying levels of care available to you or your loved one, depending on the level of need and where you are in your recovery journey. 
Our inpatient units are based at Westmead, Cumberland, Mount Druitt, and Blacktown hospitals.
The levels of care we provide are:


High needs care (acute care)

Acute inpatient mental health services provide voluntary and in-voluntary short-term inpatient management and treatment during an acute phase of mental illness, such as depression, psychosis, mania, schizophrenia, or suicidal thoughts. 

This level of care is offered until the person has been assessed as recovered enough to be treated effectively and safely in the community.

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In-ward rehabilitation (subacute recovery/living skills)

Subacute care is intensive health care for people who are not severely ill but need help: 

  • managing new or changing health conditions
  • living as independently as possible
  • to regain their ability to carry out activities of daily life after an episode of illness 

Subacute services provide temporary treatment and rehabilitation options to minimise the need for hospital admission. 
In-ward rehabilitation promotes independence and quality of life for people with a mental illness during a crucial point of recovery or relapse.



Residential rehabilitation units (non-acute recovery/living skills)

Non-acute care is where the primary clinical purpose or treatment goal is support for a patient with: 

  • impairment
  • activity limitation 
  • participation restriction due to a health condition

This is also known as ‘maintenance care’ and aims to improve the patient’s functioning and quality of life.

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Redbank House Acute Adolescent Unit (AAU)

Redbank House is a mixed gender mental health inpatient unit for adolescents aged between 12 and 18 years old, presenting with an acute or serious mental health problem.

We provide a range of therapeutic programs that are designed to meet the needs of each young person and their family or carers. Our programs are delivered individually or in a group setting, and always with input from the young person and their family and carers.