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Perinatal, Child and Youth Mental Health Service (PCYMHS)

1. What is the name of your service?

Perinatal, Child and Youth Mental Health Service (PCYMHS)


2. Give us a brief, patient friendly description of your service.

Perinatal, Child and Youth Mental Health Services (PCYMHS) provide services to children, adolescents and their families with a range of difficulties that are seriously impacting on their mental health and emotional wellbeing.

PCYMHS targets children and young people (0-24 years) with moderate to severe mental health difficulties living within Western Sydney Local Health District. It also provides a range of early intervention and specialist programs for vulnerable populations. Our aim is to support the mental health of children/ young people at every age and stage of childhood from birth through to young adulthood.

The majority of services are delivered by community based teams, providing treatment and care close to people's homes. We also provide support in Hospital Emergency Departments through our Navigator Project. We also have an adolescent inpatient unit for young people aged 12-18 years who may need extra support during times of acute distress. PCYMHS believes in the importance of working together to be the right service at the right time. We strive to provide integrated care and recovery focussed care. We have links with adult mental health, primary care networks such as GPs, hospital departments, schools, and a range of nongovernment & human services agencies.

We have a range of professionals with the skills needed to assess, treat and provide ongoing support to children, young people and families. The professionals that are employed in PCYMHS include child psychiatrists, registered and clinical psychologists, clinical neuropsychologists, specialised social workers, psychotherapists, family therapists, occupational therapists, physiotherapists, therapy care workers, counsellors, expressive therapists (including art and music therapy) and specialist nurses. Our teams also consist of Peer Workers who have a lived experience of mental illness and distress and can positively assist in the recovery journey of others. Our teams work together in multidisciplinary teams to provide the best care possible and consult with each other on a regular basis in order to ensure coordinated care.

We aim to lead the way in providing innovative and the highest standards in quality care. We are involved in a number of research projects in partnership with universities and also provide teaching and training placements to a range of disciplines including social work, psychology, medical, nursing and OT.


3. Tell us about the services you provide in more detail. If possible, use bullet points instead of full sentences.

PCYMHS provides a range of services based on the age and mental health needs of the child, young person and/or family. Each team starts with an assessment and then develops a care plan with the family around their needs. Interventions may consist of individual, parent-child, family or group interventions. Interventions may be short, medium or long term depending on the service. The table below outlines a summary of the services and programs offered by WSLHD PCYMHS. Further information about each team is available in the tabs on the side of this webpage.




Pregnancy and0-2 years

Perinatal & Infant Mental HealthService(PIMHS)

Referral is via the Mental Health Access Line 1800 011 511.

Children aged 2-12years(primary school aged and under)

TherapyforKids& Families(TKF): Children’s Mental HealthServiceforkids in primary school and under

Referral is via the Mental Health Access Line 1800 011 511.

Adolescent / Youth


Prevention Early Intervention RecoveryService (PEIRS)

for families in Auburn/Parramatta/Holroyd Hills LGA

Referral is via the Mental Health Access Line 1800 011 511.

Blacktown Early AccessTeam (BEAT)

for families inBlacktown/ Mt Druitt LGA

Referral is via the Mental Health Access Line 1800 011 511.


Presentations to Emergency Department

ED Navigator Project–youngpeople aged16-18 years presentingat Westmead Hospital,youngpeople aged12-18 years presentingat Blacktown Hospital

Presentation to Emergency Department atWestmead(adult)orBlacktown Hospital

Inpatient unitfor adolescents aged12- 18 years

Unit Adolescent Acute Unit (AAU) – 9 bed mental health inpatient unit for clients 12- 18 years (State-wideservice)

InternalMentalHealth pathway via Patient Flow

Post ED presentation and/or discharge from an inpatient setting

ENgagingAssertively and Building Links to Empower- (ENABLE)-assertive 2-12 weeksfollow up teamfor young people 12 –18 years

Internal Mental Health referralpathwayfromInpatientunits or ED NavigatorsandotherWSLHDPCYMH Services


Children and young people (aged 0-18 years) inOut-of-Home-Care

Alternate Care Clinic(ACC)

Referral by DCJ or NGO caseworker viaAlternateCareClinic@health.nsw.

Carers can also self-refer to the Reparative Parenting Program via the same address

Intake time:Tuesdays 9- 11 am on 8890 6577

Children with significant child protection issuesdue to parental drug and alcohol or mental health issues

Whole Family Team (WFT)

Referral by DCJ caseworkervia

Intake time:Thursdays9:00 -10:30 am on8890 3745

Interventions and supportsfor schools

Getting on Track in Time (Gotit!)Program– School based intervention forchildren aged5-8 yearswith emerging behaviour problems

Interested schools shouldcontacttheGotit!Teamon(02) 9881 1735 to discuss introducing the program to their schools

School-Link Program– consultation for professionals

Professionals tocomplete SchoolLink request form and send

WSLHD School-Link Telephone Consultation Line operates Monday to Friday, 8.30am to 4.30pm.

T: 8890 6755

Family members of individuals with a mental illness

Children of Parents with a Mental Illness (COPMI)/ Family Focused Recovery (FFR)

Referrals utilising COPMI referral form

Statewideconsultation service forpregnancyto infants aged 2 years

StatewideOutreach Perinatal Service for Mental Health (SWOPS-mh)-

Mental health clinician to complete online consultation request formfor clientvia internet page


PCYMH Services are free for Australian residents and VISA holders. PCYMHS believes in access for all people, please contact us to discuss your needs should you not meet these criteria.

PCYMHS locations

PCYMH services are based throughout Western Sydney Local Health District. PCYMHS has two main sites; - Redbank House (based on the Westmead Hospital campus) and Rupertswood (based at Mt Druitt Hospital campus). Services are also provided out of Fleet St and Jeffery House- Parramatta Community Health centre in Parramatta and also at Auburn Community Health Centre. The table below outlines where the various teams are based. We aim for services to be accessible as possible. Families can be seen at different sites, at home or via telehealth to help them access a service. Please refer to contact details for maps and directions.



4. How do patients access your service? Do they need a referral?

In general, referrals can be made by calling the NSW Mental Health Line 1800 011 511 which operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Referrals can be made by families or on their behalf by professionals (with the consent of the young person and/or parent/ legal guardian). To make a referral to a specialist service, please refer to the services table above or see the individual service tab on the side.


If someone is at immediate risk of harming themselves or someone else, please call Triple Zero (000) or go to your nearest hospital emergency department.

Which Local Health District do I live in?

To check whether your address is within the boundaries of Western Sydney Local Health District please click on the link below. Once the map is open, click on the search icon and type in your address.


5. Do you have any resources or links to patient information that you would like to share on your website?

6. Contact details – which location, team email, team phone number, intake time etc

Redbank House

Since the late 1970s Redbank House has provided a tertiary assessment and treatment centre for children, adolescents and their families experiencing severe, complex and treatment resistant mental health problems and disorders. Historically it was the first service in NSW to admit whole families, to open an acute (declared) adolescent-specific unit, to provide a specialist clinic for children with complex mental health problems in out-of-home care and a specialist clinic for children whose parents experience mental illness. Previously, running both day-patient and family admission programs, PYCMHS programs running from Redbank House have reorientated to a more contemporary approach of community based and home visiting programs with the same award-winning standard and commitment to excellence in care.

  • PCYMH programs and services based at Redbank House
  • Acute Adolescent Unit (inpatient)
  • Alternate Care Clinic
  • Children of Parents with a Mental Illness
  • ENABLE team
  • ED Navigation Project
  • Parent Infant Mental Health Service
  • School-Link
  • State-Wide Outreach Perinatal Service – Mental Health
  • Therapy for Kids and Families: Children’s mental health service
  • Whole Family Team


Redbank House is located at the back of the Westmead Hospital campus and is collocated with Redbank School Specific Purpose. Visitor parking is located in front of Redbank House in P7 visitor carpark.

Contact Details:

Redbank House
Westmead Health Precinct
Dragonfly Drive, Westmead NSW 2145




Building A, Redbank House

Building H, Redbank House


(02) 8890 6577

(02) 8990 6670 Afterhours:


(02) 8890


Monday – Friday 8:30 am – 5:00 pm

Monday – Sunday 24 hours

Visitor Hours:


Located at Mt Druitt Hospital, Rupertswood is the newest addition to the PCYMH service. Refurnished for PCYMHS in 2019 Rupertswood provides a local option for families in the Mt Druitt and Blacktown Area. PCYMH services and programs based at Rupertswood are;

  • Blacktown Early Access Team
  • Getting Back on Track In Time Program
  • Therapy for Kids and Families: Children’s mental health service
  • ENABLE (offices located at Grevillea Cottages)


Contact Details

RupertswoodCommunity Hub


Mt Druitt Hospital

Building 65,

75 Railway St

Mount Druitt NSW 2770




Monday to Friday 8:30 am – 17:00 pm

Other sites


Prevention Early Intervention Recover Service (PEIRS) provides services to young people 12-24 years who live in the Parramatta Local Government Area, the Hills Shire, and parts of Auburn and Cumberland Local Government Areas. PEIRS also provides services out of Jeffery House- Parramatta Community Mental Health Service.

PEIRS – Fleet St

Jeffery House – Parramatta Community Health Centre


2a Fennel St, North Parramatta

162 Marsden Street, Parramatta


02 9840 3549



Mon- Fri 8:30- 17:00

Mon- Fri 8:30- 17:00


PCYMH service, Therapy for Kids and Families has a team based in Auburn Community Health Service for families living in the local community.

Auburn Community Health Centre


NorvalSt, Auburn NSw2144





Mon- Fri 8:30- 17:00