Patient and Visitor Information

Mental Health Services

Patient & Visitor Information

To assist you in the planning and preparation of your stay or visit to Mental Health Services, please refer to the right hand menu for information that answers common questions like:

  • what do I need to bring for my stay in hospital?
  • what are the visiting hour?
  • how do I get there?

What matters to you, matters to us

We strive to provide the highest quality healthcare and best possible experience and outcome for every one of our patients.

What matters to you, matters to us. We’re committed to listening to and involving our patients and carers in discussions and decisions about their healthcare.

Find out about Your Rights and Responsibilities as a patient, carer or community member.


Official Visitors Program

The Official Visitors Program aims to ensure mental health care and treatment is always given in a humane and dignified way.

Who are official visitors?

Official Visitors are people with experience in mental health treatment and care. They are appointed by the Minister for Mental Health and are independent from NSW Health. With a purpose to keep the humanity in mental health care, they visit public and private mental health facilities and emergency departments every month.

What can Official Visitors do for you and your carers?

Official Visitors can assist you to talk to hospital staff, advise you about your rights and about any concerns you may have about your mental health treatment.

How can I talk to an Official Visitor?

People who are receiving or have received care and treatment in either public or private mental health facilities can contact an Official Visitor in three ways – in person when they visit a facility, by phone or by email.

To find out more, visit the Official Visitors Program website.

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