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Healthy Lifestyle Visual Factsheets

Do you want to know how to give your child healthy snacks in the lunchbox? Do you want some tips on how to get your child off the screens and get active? Find out this information and more including how your child can eat more fruit and vegetables and drink more water in the healthy lifestyle visual factsheets.

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Translated Healthy Lifestyle Fact Sheets

Find fact sheets in Arabic, Chinese, Korean, Persian, Hindi and Tamil. Learn how to choose water as a drink, turn off the screens and get active everyday, eat more fruits and vegetables and choose healthier snacks. Share these with your colleagues, friends and families to spread the word on health!
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Munch & Move Resources

Munch & Move offer a range of resources to assist educators in embedding Munch & Move in your service, including resources promoting and encouraging healthy eating, physical activity, screen time and Munch & Move implementation.
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Live Life Well @ School Resources

Live Life Well @ School have a range of resources to help embed LLW@S into your school, including Crunch&Sip® information, practical ideas for fundamental movement skills and ideas to keep kids moving and a range of resources to share with your families.
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Family Resources

We have a range of practical information for families about healthy eating, healthy drinks, breastfeeding, lunchboxes, recipes, physical activity, screen time and much more!
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Go4Fun Resources

Do you want to help us promote Go4Fun with your family, friends and networks? Find newsletter snippets, resource order forms, brochures, posters and much more!
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Secondary School Resources

Find resources for a healthy transition to high school ,active travel and general healthy lifestyle information. Also subscribe to the Health Promoting Schools (E) Network.

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OOSH Resources

Find the Eat Smart Play Smart manual, National Nutrition and Physical Activity Recommendations, Healthy OOSH in Western Sydney snapshot and more resources to help create a Healthy OOSH environment.

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