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Munch & Move is a fun play-based program that supports the healthy development of children. It is for children attending Early Childhood and Education and Care (ECEC) services and Family Day Care (FDC) services across NSW. The program promotes children’s healthy eating and physical activity, and limit small screen recreation.

Munch & Move aligns with the early childhood National Quality Framework (NQF). The program can help services meet National Quality Standards (NQS) and Early Years Learning Framework (EYLF) outcomes.

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Why do we need Munch & Move?

Early childhood is the best time for children to create healthy food and activity habits. These habits will give them the best chance of having a healthy lifestyle as they grow older.

Many children spend a lot of time in early childhood services. It is important that these services provide an environment that encourages healthy eating and physical activity.

Research has shown:



Munch & Move Key Messages

Munch & Move aims to encourage positive healthy eating, physical activity and screen time habits in young children in early childhood services.

The program contains the following 6 key messages:

Encourage and support breastfeeding thumbnail  choose water as a drink thumbnail  Eat more fruit and veg thumbnail  get active each day thumbnail  screen key message  Choose healthier snacks thumbnail

A Whole of Service Approach

Management, educators and families can come together to promote healthy living at your service.

A ‘whole of service’ approach means taking action across all 4 areas of Munch & Move - Munch, Move, Monitor and Making It Happen.

whole of service approach

Program Adoption Indicators (Practices)

Your service can put in place 16 Munch & Move practices.


1 Service encourages and supports breastfeeding
2 Service communicates with families when children’s lunchboxes are not consistent with the Australian Dietary Guidelines
3 Service menu has been assessed against the Caring for Children guidelines
4 Service provides intentional learning experiences about healthy eating at least 2 times per week
5 Staff create a positive healthy eating environment for children


6 Service provides daily opportunities for fundamental movement skills for children 3-5 years of age 
Service provides opportunities for physical activity for 1-5 year olds at least 30% of the daily opening hours
Service provides a supportive physical activity environment


9  Service use of small screen recreation for all children is appropriate

Making it Happen

10  Service has a written nutrition policy
11  Service has a written policy, procedure or guideline encouraging physical activity 
12  Service has a written policy, procedure or guideline restricting small screen recreation
13  Service has provided health information to families within the past 12 months 
14  Service has at least 50% of primary contact educators that have accessed professional development in nutrition and at least 50% that have accessed professional development in physical activity  
15 Service cook has completed training in providing nutritious meals and snacks for children (only for services who provide meals)
16  Service monitors and reports on healthy eating and physical activity objectives annually as part of their continuous quality improvement process 

Munch & Move Implementation Awards

There are 2 awards for services in western Sydney who have a ‘whole of service’ approach to Munch & Move.

Munch & Move Implementation Award

Munch & Move Excellence Implementation Award

For services who meet at least 70% of the program adoption indicators For services who meet at least 80% of the program
adoption indicators and have at least 50% of their
educators trained in Munch & Move.
Implementation award snip
excellence award small image

Awards are valid for 1 year and are for acknowledging the commitment services make to the program.

They are a great way to show your hard work to your families, and a great addition to your Quality Improvement Plan evidence.


Not yet a Munch & Move service but interested in getting started?

Get in contact with the local Munch & Move team.




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