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Munch (Healthy Eating Resources)

We offer a range of resources available to download to support healthy eating key messages in your services. The resources range from policy guidance, menu planning support, posters and digital files that can be displayed and sent to families to share healthy eating messages, through to classroom activities that promote healthy eating at your services.
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Move (Physical Activity Resources)

We offer a range of resources for download to help you as educators encourage and support physical activity in your services. These resources promote indoor and outdoor game ideas, support you to teach fundamental movement skills and encourage active play. We also have policy guidance templates and resources to help you embed physical activity into your daily routine.
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Monitor (Screen Time Resources)

We offer a range of resources to help encourage our monitor key message. These resources provide ideas to reduce screen time in services and get more active, or how to use screen time for physical activity or educational purposes. There are also resources to share with families, so they can learn how to manage screen time at their homes.
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Making it Happen Resources

We offer a range of resources to help services embed Munch & Move into your daily routines and QIP. These resources can be used to provide staff with Munch & Move training, including Munch & Move key elements into your service policies, and program and report on Munch & Move to all educators and families at the service.
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Resources for Families

We have a range of practical information that can be shared with families about healthy eating, healthy drinks, breastfeeding, lunchboxes, recipes, physical activity, screen time and much more!
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