Munch & Move offers help with: 

  • day-to-day healthy eating and physical activity practices
  • putting Munch & Move key messages into service policies
  • having a whole-of-service approach
  • staff training
  • building partnerships with families.

A Whole of Service Approach

whole of service approach


Management, educators and families can come together to promote healthy eating and physical activity at a service. A ‘whole of service’ approach requires coordinated action across all 4 areas of Munch & Move - Munch, Move, Monitor and Making It Happen.

This site provides a variety of ideas and resources you can use to put in place Munch & Move at your service. Use these resources and ideas as well as help from your Support Officer to embed healthy practices at your service.


Staff training

We provide a range of free online and face-to-face training options. They are available for directors, educators and cooks working in early childhood services in western Sydney.  

Whether you are new to Munch & Move or you want to refresh or extend your training, we have options to suit you.
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Munch & Move can help develop or update service policies, particularly: 

  • nutrition
  • breastfeeding
  • physical activity
  • small screen recreation.

Your Support Officer can review your current policies or provide you sample policies. 

Good policies help set a consistent standard throughout the service. They are a great tool to communicate the service expectations with staff and families.

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Munch & Move action plan

We encourage all services to develop a Munch & Move action plan. This plan will help your service identify the great things you are already doing and prioritise other areas you can continue to work towards improving.

Include your Munch & Move Action plan into your service Quality Improvement Plan (QIP). If you need help to develop your Action Plan, your Munch & Move Support Officer can assist. 

Partnerships with families

Educators form close relationships with families. This can provide opportunities to discuss ways to support families to make healthy lifestyle choices.

There are lots of ways you can engage families in your service:

  • Involve families in the development of your breastfeeding, nutrition, physical activity and small screen time policies
  • Communicate the Munch & Move key messages in a variety of ways:


-day books

-notice boards

-parent orientation manuals

-social media platforms

-discussions with parents and pick up and drop off times.

  • Include the Munch & Move newsletter snippets in your service newsletter
  • Insert the Munch & Move Family Orientation Sheet in your parent orientation manual
  • Use service activities to role model healthy living e.g. healthy fundraising options and healthy catering at events

Implementation awards

There are 2 awards available for services in western Sydney who adapt a 'whole of service' approach to Munch & Move. 

Awards are valid for one year and are for acknowledging the commitment services make to the Munch & Move program. They are a great way to show your hard work to your families, and a great addition to your Quality Improvement Plan evidence.

impl award 243x243
Munch & Move Implementation Award

For services who meet at least 70% Munch & Move practices.

excel award 243x243.png
Munch & Move Excellence Implementation Award 

For services who meet at least 80% of Munch & Move practices and have at least 50% of their educators training in Munch & Move. These services must also have a current Munch & Move Action Plan.

Making it Happen resources

We have a range of resources to help services embed Munch & Move into your daily routines and QIP. These resources include: 

  • training
  • sample policies
  • sample action plans and other documentation. 
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