How does Western Sydney Local Health District support you in Munch & Move?

Munch & Move is more than just a training program. If your service is participating in Munch & Move you will be provided with ongoing support from your very own Local Health District (LHD) Munch & Move Support Officer. Their job is to provide you with the training, resources and tailored support your service needs to implement and embed the Munch & Move program across your whole service with all your staff.

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Local Health District Support

As a Munch & Move service, you will receive ongoing assistance from your Support Officer including face-to-face meetings at your service, email and telephone support. As a local health professional, your Support Officer will provide professional advice and support to assist services to implement the program. Munch & Move Implementation Awards are awarded to services who fully adopt the program. Monthly newsletters are also provided to services with new ideas, resources, upcoming training and useful tips.


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Staff Training

The first, and most important element of the Munch & Move program is staff training and making sure all your staff are familiar and confident of their role in implementing the program. We provide a range of free online and face-to-face training options and resources to directors, educators and cooks working in centre-based early childhood services in Western Sydney to help you deliver the best program possible. Training is also available for Family Day Care Service Providers/ Coordinators. 

Whether you are new to Munch & Move, no longer have current staff trained at your service, or you want to refresh or extend your training, then we have an option to suit you.

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Policy Development

Munch & Move can help develop or update service policies (including nutrition, breastfeeding, physical activity and small screen recreation policies). Munch & Move provides sample policies which can be used by your service to develop new policies or update current policies. Your Support Officer can review your current policies and provide recommendations on elements that could be included in your policies to reflect your commitment to creating a healthy environment at your service.

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Healthy Menu and Lunchboxes

Your Support Officer can review your service menus and provide recommendations to align these with the Caring for Children guidelines. Your Support Officer can also provide information, factsheets and books to support healthy lunchboxes and a healthy menu at your service.

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Program and Embed

Munch & Move services receive tailored advice to incorporate Munch & Move in your service Quality Improvement Plan (QIP). Munch & Move also have a range of resources which can assist you in embedding Munch & Move into your daily program. Contact your support officer to find out how or access the Munch & Move resources.

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Partnerships with Families

Munch & Move have a range of resources on healthy eating and physical activity that can be provided to and discussed with families such as Munch & Move newsletter snippets and Munch & Move Orientation Pack. Munch & Move also offer support on helping staff have conversations with families about healthy eating, physical activity and screen time topics, including lunchboxes.

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Munch & Move Resources

Munch & Move offer a range of practical and fun resources to assist educators in embedding Munch & Move in your service, including resources promoting and encouraging healthy eating, physical activity, screen time and Munch & Move implementation.

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Monitor and Feedback

The Munch & Move team will support your service to document and monitor the key Munch & Move areas you are working towards through an Action Plan or through your Quality Improvement Plan. The Munch & Move team can also provide formal documentation and evidence of training completed in Munch & Move, menu compliance and program adoption.

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Staff Role Modelling

Munch & Move can provide information and strategies on how to be a positive role model for children in your care, such as role modelling healthy eating by sitting and eating with children at meal times, talking positively about food and drinking water during water breaks or meal times

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