nqf brochureMunch & Move relates to the early childhood’s National Quality Framework (NQF).

Click on the resource to see examples of how Munch & Move links with the Early Years Learning Framework (EYLF) and the National Quality Standard (NQS). The examples show how Munch & Move could help your service meet NQF requirements.

Munch & Move relates to all seven Quality Areas. It has very strong links with Quality Area 2 (Children’s Health and Safety), Standard 2.1. This standard outlines the requirement that services embed healthy eating and physical activity in the program for children.

Implementing the Munch & Move program into the early childhood setting will help services meet the requirements of Standard 2.1.

Quality Area 2 - Children’s health and safety

Standard 2.1 - Each child's health and physical activity is supported and promoted.

        Element 2.1.3 - Healthy lifestyle - healthy eating and physical activity are promoted and appropriate for each child.

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