Fundamental Movement Skills (FMS) are a specific set of gross motor skills that involve different body parts. These skills are the building blocks for more complex skills that children will learn throughout their lives. They help children take part in games, sports and recreational activities.

Children need to be taught how to perform FMS as part of their growth and development. Educators should provide children with intentional opportunities to practice these skills. This will help the skills develop and the children to become more confident. Introduce FMS skills early through play and exploration. This will make it more likely that children will engage in physical activity throughout their lives.

Watch the video below to learn why it is important to teach FMS and what the three main categories of FMS are.

How can your service incorporate FMS into your program?

In the early years, FMS is all about exposure to the skills, exploration, opportunity, guidance and most importantly - FUN!

Like all elements of the Munch & Move program, you can embed FMS throughout the whole service. Here are a few ideas to get FMS happening at your service:

Ideas to Embed FMS in your Service

Training Watch the Fun Move clips to become familiar with each FMS (find links below)
  Register for online webinars or training to improve knowledge and confidence in FMS
Case Studies  Get new ideas from other services who are doing well with FMS
Resources  Get ideas for FMS experiences and games.
  Modify FMS games to suit children’s ability level and age
Create a supportive environment  Set up your environments (indoor and outdoor) to encourage FMS experiences
Child-led FMS experiences  Link FMS experiences to children’s interests and favourite games 
Spontaneous experience  Encourage different FMS throughout transition times and everyday games and routines. I.e. Duck, Duck, Goose including skipping/ leaping/hopping 
Play Intentional Experiences  Incorporate FMS into your everyday games, transition times as well as music and movement time 
Programming  Focus FMS of the week/ month and link to other learning areas throughout the program 
Involve families  Include tips for FMS at home in family newsletters. Create a family notice board to promote key FMS and ideas for games to play at home to practice FMS 

Games incorporating FMS

Watch each FMS in action

For the preschool years there are 13 FMS. See the FMS Skills in action by clicking on the images below. These short videos show the key elements of each skill.

Run Jump Gallop
Run- FMS skill
Jump-fms skill
gallop fms skill
Side sliding Hop Skip
Side sliding fms skill  hop fms skill  Skip fms skill 
Leap  Catch Stationary dribble
Leap fms skill  Catch fms skill  stationary dribble fms skill
Kick Strike a stationary ball 
Overarm throw
kick fms skill  strike a stationary ball fms skill 
overarm throw fms skill 

Underarm throw
  underarm throw   

FMS Resources

franky and friends 243x243.jpg
FMS with Franky and Friends

A fundamental movement skills resource for pre-schoolers 3-5 years containing game ideas for all skills.

Read More
fms in action 243x243.jpg
Fundamental Movement Skills in Action for 3-5yr olds

Use this fundamental movement skill handbook for practical activity and game ideas to help you creatively teach each fundamental movement skill to children aged 3-5 years.

Read More
fms posters 243x243.jpg
Fundamental Movement Skills Posters

Download and print these fundamental movement skills posters to use as visual cues for the 13 fundamental movement skills.

Read More
Mini Moves (produced by NSLHD)

Using bright colours, a few cute ‘monsters’ and their friends, the Mini Moves Activity Pack has been designed to assist Early Childhood Educators in teaching Fundamental Movement Skills (FMS) to children (aged 2 – 5 years) in a fun and engaging way. Download the activity pack and get started!

Read More

To access more information and resources on Fundamental Movement Skills, visit the Healthy Kids website.

12 days of fitness[4622]

*NEW* 12 Days of Fitness (Produced by Northern Sydney LHD)

Practice fundamental movement skills with this fun action song based on the tune of “The 12 days of Christmas”. You may like to sing one new verse each day (or week), and gradually build up to completing the full song.

  • Action song lyric sheet– Sing-a-long to the tune of the ‘12 Days of Christmas’. The actions are designed to be done without equipment.
  • Demonstration video for educators - Watch the Reindeer’s demonstration video clip so you know how to lead children when you sing the song at your service.
  • 12 Cards (print A4 double side & cut into cards) – The cards introduce an action that supports a child’s fundamental movement skill (FMS) development, taking into account that each FMS is made up of smaller steps. The reverse side of the card has ideas for educators to explore with children, extending on the action introduced.
  • Poster (print A3) – Display the poster as a visual prompt for children or use the countdown calendar.

We want you to be able to use this resource any time of the year, and we appreciate some services and families do not celebrate Christmas, so standard versions of the action song lyric sheet and poster are also available.

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