It Takes Two- a partnership between western Sydney Munch & Move and Blacktown Council.

Congratulations to Blacktown Council and Western Sydney Munch & Move team for their success with the "It Takes Two" project. The project created healthy early childhood environments for children, families and staff. Click on the image below to watch the video and find out more.

it takes two


Healthy Eating Learning Experiences (Western Sydney services)


Physical Activity at your Service (Western Sydney services)

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Monitor Case Studies

See below great examples of how other Munch & Move services have implemented a Monitor learning experience with their children.

Sun Valley Preschool 

Educators and children had lots of discussion about screen time at their service. The children then drew their favourite activity to do at home that didn’t involve a screen. This was a great way to provide ideas to families on how to have less screen time.

Screen free week case study2

North Rocks Preschool 

Brainstorm with educators and children on activities that don’t need a screen!

Screen free week case study 1

Screen Free Week Challenge


Kindercare Learning Centre

Educators at Kindercare Learning Centre had fun with the children creating these displays. This includes a game of tennis between some fruit and vegetable carrots!

IMG_0116 IMG_0112

Kidz on Regent Childcare Centre

Kidz on Regent Childcare Centre created an outdoor puppet theatre and a screen-free bingo board. This board involved families selecting an activity that did not involve screens and taking a photo of them doing that activity with their child and add it to the bingo board.

Screen free bingo- Kids on Regent



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