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What is Munch & Move?

Munch & Move is a fun play-based program that supports the healthy development of children from birth to 5 years of age attending Early Childhood and Education and Care (ECEC) services and Family Day Care (FDC) services across NSW.
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Local Support For Services

If your service is participating in Munch & Move you will be provided with ongoing support from your very own Munch & Move Support Officer. Their job is to provide you with the training, resources and support your service needs to implement and embed the Munch & Move program across your whole service with all your staff.
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Munch (Healthy Eating)

Good nutrition is essential for young children to support their growth and development. Learn about the Early Childhood Nutrition Guidelines, healthy lunchboxes, healthy eating learning experiences, breastfeeding and introduction to solids and more.
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Move (Physical Activity and FMS)

Being physically active every day is important for the healthy growth and development of infants, toddlers and preschoolers, and lays the foundation for a healthy and active life. Learn about Childhood Physical Activity Guidelines, active play, fundamental movement skills, tummy time and more.
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Monitor (Small Screen Time)

While small screens can play a part in learning and communication, too much screen time for children can be unhealthy. Learn about childhood small screen guidelines, ideas to monitor small screen use at your service and how Munch & Move can help support with resources, ideas and training.
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Making it Happen

The Making It Happen area helps support the day-to-day healthy eating and physical activity practices in ECECs, the incorporation of Munch & Move key messages into service policies, engaging in a whole-of-service approach, staff training in Munch & Move and building partnerships with families.
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The most important element of Munch & Move is staff training - making sure all educators are familiar and confident in implementing the program. We provide a range of free online and face-to-face training options and resources to directors, educators and cooks working in centre-based early childhood services in Western Sydney to help you deliver the best program possible. 

Whether you are new to Munch & Move, no longer have trained staff, or you want to refresh or extend your training, we have options to suit you.
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Links to NQF and EYLF

Munch & Move directly relates to the early childhood sector’s National Quality Framework (NQF). Munch & Move relates to all 7 Quality areas, and has very strong links with Quality Area 2 (Children’s Health and Safety), Standard 2.1. This standard outlines the requirement that services embed health eating and physical activity in the program for children.
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Fundamental Movement Skills

Fundamental Movement Skills (FMS) are a specific set of gross motor skills that involve different body parts. These skills are the building blocks for more complex skills that children will learn throughout their lives to competently participate in games, sports and recreational activities. Learn the 13 skills and find ideas to embed FMS into your program.
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Cook's Corner

Cooks play a vital role in ensuring children are provided with the nutrition they need for a healthy start to life. Munch & Move provides information, training and support to reinforce cook’s knowledge and ability to prepare nutritious menus with healthy meals and snacks for birth to five year olds.
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Family Day Care

The Munch & Move program and local support is now available to Western Sydney Family Day Care (FDC) service providers. Find information on the training available, the support offered from LHD staff and the program adoption indicators for Family Day Care.
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Case Studies

Munch & Move have a collection of videos which provide real-life, practical examples of how local childcare services have embedded the Munch & Move program into their daily routines.
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Munch & Move Resources

Find a range of resources available to download to support healthy eating, physical activity, screen time key messages in your services. The resources range from policy guidance, menu planning support, posters and digital files that can be displayed and sent to families to share Munch & Move messages, through to classroom activities and much more.
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Munch & Move Service Newsletter

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