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Live Life Well graphicboxHealthy students are better learners. Schools are an ideal place for children to gain skills and experiences which encourage lifelong physical activity and healthy eating.

The LLW@S program trains and supports teachers to create a school culture where children can be active and eat well. This takes a whole of school approach through:

  • classroom learning
  • school policy and
  • llw@s training infographicconnecting with families.

LLW@S is a partnership between the Department of Education and NSW Health. It is available to schools in all sectors teaching the K-6 curriculum. Western Sydney has its own LLW@S team that provides hands on support to local schools.

Since July 2008 80% of primary schools in Western Sydney have taken part in LLW@S training.

What does a LLW@S school look like?

Schools that engage in LLW@S are working towards:

  • Classroom learning through the PDHPE curriculum. This includes the explicit teaching of fundamental movement skills.
  • Giving students access to equipment and space to be active in their lunch break.
  • A daily vegetable, fruit and water break during class time.
  • A supportive environment for healthy eating – including the school canteen.
  • Supporting families with information and ideas about healthy eating and physical activity.
  • Professional learning opportunities for teaching staff on promoting physical activity and healthy eating to students.
  • Including strategies related to LLW@S in their planned approach to student wellbeing.
  • Promoting active travel to school.
  • Reporting on LLW@S strategies. 

What support is available to schools?

Schools that engage in LLW@S have access to:

  • Professional learning.
  • Individualised face-to-face, email and phone support from the LLW@S team.
  • Information and ideas for addressing healthy eating and physical activity.
  • School canteen menu reviews and support to implement the NSW Healthy Canteen Strategy.
  • Support for planning LLW@S strategies in line with student wellbeing.
  • Snippets to include in school newsletters.

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