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Crunch&Sip® Resources
Crunch&Sip® encourages children to eat more fruits and vegetables at school. Promote and implement this program at your school with these helpful resources.

Practical Ideas for Fundamental Movement Skills

Get skilled, Get Active booklet
Get Skilled, Get Active Booklet
Find support and ideas for learning, programming, teaching, observing and assessing fundamental movement skills.
Fundamental Movement Skills in action
Fundamental Movement Skills in Action booklet
Learn practical and easy game ideas for each fundamental movement skill for every stage and different skill level.

Resources to Get Kids Moving

K-5 Energizers
K-5 Energisers
Learn some quick and easy ideas for energisers that you can include in your classroom to get kids moving and improve their learning.
NSW Health Resources
Find a range of additional, practical physical activity resources to use in and out of the classroom.
get active info new
Get Active Each Day Fact Sheet
Learn how much activity your kids should be doing everyday and some practical tips to be more active.
Turn off the Screens Fact Sheet
Learn how much time your children should spend in front of screens and how you can manage screen time at home.

Resources to Encourage Healthy Eating

healthy lunchbox poster thumbnail
Healthy Lunchbox factsheet
Find out how to pack a healthy lunchbox with food ideas from the 5 food groups.
Choose water info new
Choose Water as a Drink Fact Sheet
Learn how much water children should drink everyday, practical tips to encourage children to drink more water and how much sugar is in some different drinks.
choose snacks info new
Choose Healthy Snacks Fact Sheet
Find some ideas for healthy snack foods, tips for planning healthy snacks and what foods to avoid eating everyday.
eat fruit and veg info new
Eat More Fruit and Vegetables Fact Sheet
Learn how much fruit and vegetables we should be eating everyday and some practical tips on how to eat more.
NSW Health Resources
Find a range of additional practical resources on teaching healthy eating in the classroom.
healthy lunchbox website
Healthy Lunchbox website
Find a range of healthy lunchbox tips and recipes as well as a practical lunchbox builder activity.

Healthy Lifestyle Newsletter Snippets

Newsletter snippets are a great way to share healthy lifestyle information with your school community. Snippet topics include practical ways families can eat healthy snacks, have healthy drinks, eat more fruit and vegetables, turn off screens and get active. Download snippets and add to your schools newsletters.



Healthy Lifestyle Resources to Share with Families

Find a range of resources that you can share with families to encourage healthy eating and active living.


National Nutrition and Physical Activity Recommendations

Find the current national guidelines for healthy eating in children, adults and during pregnancy as well as guidelines for physical activity and sedentary behaviour.


Ordering Resources

LLW@S resource order form
Download the Live Life Well@School resource order form to order hard copy resources for your school.

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