Families trust health professionals. They are often the first to discuss the importance of a healthy diet and exercise with parents. We help families take the advice you provide and turn it into healthy habits. All in an environment that’s fun and supportive. 

We can provide you:

  • free online assessment tools to identify eligible patients and
  • free online training designed to help health professionals raise and manage the issues.

Why refer?

Go4Fun results have been very positive including:

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Go4Fun referral process

Click here to find out how to refer families to the program.

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Check eligibility

You can’t always tell if a child is above a healthy weight by looking at them. Using height and weight measures to check BMI is the most reliable way. It is important to check your patient's weight on a routine basis. This will help identify those who are eligible to take part in the Go4Fun program. Go4Fun offers an online BMI calculator to know if a child is eligible.

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Refer to the Go4Fun program

Referrals from a health professional can improve both registrations and retention. Download a referral form, or complete the Go4Fun registration online.



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Online learning and resources

The Healthy Kids for Professionals website helps health professionals manage families with children who are above a healthy weight. It provides resources on:

  • Assessing a child’s weight status
  • Identifying children above a healthy weight
  • Sensitively discussing the issue of weight status with families
  • Providing resources and practical support for families to make healthy lifestyle changes
  • Referring families in your area to specialist services and programs. 


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Promote the program

There are many ways you can help promote Go4Fun. Access Go4Fun brochures, posters and other promotional material to help spread the word. You can also share local program information on your social media page or newsletter.

Healthy lifestyle resources for families

Healthy kids start from birth - so mums, dads and carers play a major role. We have information to help families:

  • form healthy food and exercise habits
  • reduce screen time early in life
  • find extra support in your community.
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Become a Go4Fun group leader

Are you interested in running healthy lifestyle programs with families in Western Sydney? Find out if you could be part of the team.

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Keep in touch - sign up to our Go4Fun newsletter

Western Sydney Go4Fun provide a newsletter to our community partners. This includes up-to-date program information and success stories. Subscribe to our newsletter or download previous versions.
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What families have to say about Go4Fun

Read what our Western Sydney Go4Fun parents, children and leaders have to say about the program.
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Contact the western Sydney Go4Fun team

For any additional questions, please contact the western Sydney Go4Fun team.


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