Go4Fun is a free healthy lifestyle program for families with children aged 7-13 years. A team of local community members and health professionals run the program. Register your family’s place now for our programs in 2022!

The program has been culturally adapted. It runs after school hours, once a week for 10 weeks. Aboriginal families attend the fun and interactive program run by Aboriginal facilitators. The program helps families eat better and be active.

The program has information on:

  • serving sizes
  • how to read food labels
  • how to eat healthier snacks and meals
  • recipe ideas.

Families also learn:

  • how to set health goals
  • why it is important to be active as a family
  • how to cut down on screen time.   

Check out the awesome resources you will receive!

aboriginal go4fun resources 1  aboriginal go4fun resources 2

Register now

Families can register:

  • online
  • free phone call (1800 780 900)
  • SMS for a call back (0409 745 645).

Referrals are also accepted from:

health professionals


friends and

family members.


Find out more about Go4Fun. Watch the video below. 

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