It is not always easy to tell if your child is growing well. Children and teenagers all develop differently and will grow at different rates. It is important that we regularly check their growth as the way a child grows tells us a lot about their health.

How can a growth assessment help?

Growth assessments help health professionals see if your child is growing as expected. It helps them understand your child's individual growth patterns. It is important that a health professional regularly measures your child’s height and weight and records this on a growth chart. This will help them compare your child’s growth with other children of the same age and gender.  

All health professionals perform growth assessments as a routine part of care. For example, if your child sees one of our doctors, community nurses, speech or occupational therapists, we will measure their height and weight during the appointment.

We will record your growth assessment results in your child’s Blue Book (My Personal Health Record). This helps us to see how your child is growing.

Are you concerned about your child’s growth? Speak to your health professional or GP.

For information on finding services to help your child’s development, safety and well-being, visit the Child and Family Health website. 

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