Health Care Interpreter Service

Health Care Interpreter Service

Quality Assurance

HCIS Quality Assurance

HCIS Quality Assurance mechanisms focus primarily on the interpreting service delivery, with special emphasis on the performance of interpreters. Our Interpreter Coordinators conduct ongoing performance monitoring through both telephone surveying and on-the-job appraisal, providing feedback and guidance to interpreters as required.

Strategies to monitor and improve the accuracy and responsiveness of the bookings system and other administrative procedures are also in place.

HCIS follows formal procedures for managing complaints, whereby all complaints are recorded in a register and those confirmed in writing are fully investigated.

The management of complaints has proven very valuable in highlighting procedural problems that require attention, or staff issues that require further training or clarification, as well as in building relationships with the health care providers using HCIS.

If you experience any problems with HCIS services, we would appreciate your feedback.

The Quality Assurance form [PDF] contains information on the HCIS complaint procedure and can be used for providing feedback. Please email the form to [email protected]  or fax it to (02) 9840 3789.