Health Care Interpreter Service

Health Care Interpreter Service

HCIS Publications

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icon_books_small   Working with Interpreters [PDF]

icon_books_small   Phone Interpreting – Making the Most of it [PDF]

icon_books_small   HCIS Multilingual Signage [PDF]

icon_books_small   ABC Tool for Assessing the Need for an Interpreter  [PDF]

icon_books_small   Interpreting in Healthcare - Guidelines for interpreters [PDF]


HCIS DVD “Working with Interpreters in the Healthcare Setting”

The “Working with Interpreters in the Healthcare Setting” DVD is a training resource for healthcare providers, interpreters, medical and interpreting students.

It demonstrates best practice in communicating through interpreters and professional interpreting techniques in the medical setting.

What topics does the DVD cover?

For an outline of the key messages within the DVD please refer to the DVD fact sheet or watch the promotional video below.

How do I obtain a copy of the DVD?

NSW Health organisations can order free copies of the DVD by contacting the WSLHD HCIS.

External organisations can purchase a copy by completing the DVD order form.